Jet Skis & Water Skiing

Our slipway is a great place to access the water for either jet skiing or water skiing. However, please note that both activities are restricted to specially marked zones. To launch a jet ski from our slipway you will need a special permit from us. This page has full information on jet ski permits and appropriate zones.

Jet Ski Permits

Jet skis can be launched from the Falmouth Haven slipway. Please note that you will need an annual Falmouth Haven permit in order to do this. The permit cost is £26.50 and is valid for 12 months from April 1st (launching and recovery fees are payable in addition to permit fees). Permits can be purchased from a member of the Falmouth Haven team at the slipway kiosk, or if unattended, from our office in Arwenack Street. Permits can only be issued once operators have shown the following:

  • RYA personal watercraft proficiency certificate
  • Valid insurance
  • ID confirming age 18 or above
  • A clearly identifying mark on the jet ski
  • A working kill cord on the jet ski

The operator will also be asked to sign a declaration stating that they will operate at speed only within the permitted areas, will observe speed limits in other areas, and will use the kill cord at all times.

Zone restrictions

Activities such as water skiing and the use of jet skis are restricted to particular zones.

Jet skis can be used in the water sports area in Falmouth Bay, and in a special area within the Carrick Roads.

Water skiing takes place in a clearly marked area in the Carrick Roads. Please keep well clear of water skiers here, and avoid anchoring in this area, even if there is no water skiing taking place.

For your reference, this zoning map clearly illustrates the water skiing and jet skiing area in the Carrick Roads.