Launching safely

Boating is great fun, and we all want to do it safely.

To use the Falmouth Haven slipway please ring in advance to book your slot on either 01326 310999 or 01326 310990.  Launching on the slipway is currently not allowed without prior permission.

Please remember that slipways have hazards, not just the water but heavy vehicles, trailers and boats. You may be launching safely, but it’s always possible someone else may not be! So, make sure your day isn’t spoilt by an accident, however small. The best way to ensure that is to brief everyone in your group carefully – especially if you are with children. The notes here are designed to help.  Also, here is a link to useful RYA top tips. Happy launching!


  • Do plan ahead!
  • Do be sure that your vehicle is capable of launching/ recovering your boat safely and that your trailer is fit for purpose.
  • Do ensure that your trailer has a secondary coupling to the vehicle.
  • Do ensure that your boat is secured to the trailer with a minimum of two connections; a primary line and a safety secondary line minimum.
  • Do prepare your boat thoroughly before reversing on to the slipway.
  • Do keep to one side of the slipway to allow space for other users.
  • Do ensure that your vehicle is in gear, with engine off, and handbrake firmly on, before leaving it to deal with your boat and trailer.
  • Do check your boat engine works before you launch.
  • Do be aware of other boats approaching the slipway.
  • Do make sure that members of your party not involved in the launch stay off the slip.
  • Do use the shore linked pontoon for boarding and landing passengers not involved with the launching operation.
  • Do wear suitable footwear and a lifejacket when you launch.
  • Do be aware of commercial shipping when leaving the slipway area.
  • Do abide by any instructions given by the Falmouth Haven team. They are for your convenience and safety.


  • Don’t allow unsupervised children or pets on to the slipway at any time.
  • Don’t stand behind the trailer while it is on the slip or the approach incline.
  • Don’t swim from the slipway or pontoons.
  • Don’t try and catch a winch handle which has spun out of control.
  • Don’t turn your vehicle/trailer on the slipway; this is not permitted.

Don’t forget to book ahead for a launch time on the slipway with our team at Falmouth Haven by calling 01326 310999 or 310990.